Thursday, May 19, 2016

All bikers need glasses...or at least sunglasses

Personally I have been wearing glasses since I was three years old, because that is when I started to read.  Even then I was gifted. It was not until I started working and earning my own money that I realized why my parents got so pissed when I broke my glasses....holy shit glasses  are expensive.  But, they don't have to be.

Being married with three kids, me and Momma, like most parents, put our needs on the back burner.  That means over the last 25 years, especially me, I have gone way longer than I should have between new glasses.   

On average a pair of prescription eyeglasses runs around around $200-$600.  We will go with the $200 even though in my experience mine were running between $300-$400.  So if you need glasses and want sunglasses too you are looking at around $400.  If you have a kid and they need glasses, then you are at $600.  Just like a car salesman, once you get your "free" eye exam they will show you all the options for your glasses an explain to you why you need them.  Even if insurance helps it can be pricey.

My eyesight is so bad that I had to memorize the eye chart to get in the Army. Not only that, I have to get a note from an optometrist to get my driver's license renewed.  If they were not able to make lenses thinner these days, I would look like Wash Out in the picture at the top of this article.

About five years ago, I stumbled across Zenni Optical.  Here is how it works, use your insurance or find the cheapest place to get an eye exam.  Tell them you want a copy of your prescription (they have to give it to you, it is your medical information).  Use your phone to take a picture of just your face and upload it to their site.  Then start looking around at the glasses that you like.  Every time you click on a style they will appear on your face.  Once you find one you like click to buy them.  It will give you a place to enter your prescription and then give you a menu of all possible options.  Then you check out.  There are different shipping options.  Let me share my most recent experience with you.

I have RX sunglasses and regular glasses.  By the way, any set of frames on Zenni can be made into sunglasses.  I lost my regular glasses and was freaking out.  The most expensive part of my order was 1.67 digital free from progressive bifocal lenses at $73.  This is what makes my lenses not look like Coke bottles.  I also paid $18.95 to get them shipped express.  I chose one of many Zenni Optical discount codes from here and got 10% off my order. My total was $104.

At most eyeglass places it will take 10-14 business days to get your new glasses. I ordered on Saturday night and had my glasses on Wednesday.  As usual, the prescription is crystal clear and I love them.

Even if you just need reading glasses or want new sunglasses, Zenni is the place to go. - Sloth 

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