Sunday, May 15, 2016

The little thing that can save you big money on your motorcycle

The number #1 variable when it comes to bike performance and handling is tire pressure.  Mike at Freebyrds Custom Motocycles says that so seldom does a bike come into the shop for any reason and have the correct tire pressure it catches his attention when it does happen.  This is kind of scary considering you have two tiny rubber patches separating you from the road.

But as implied by the name of the post, over and under inflated tires not only affect handling but they also suck the life out of your tires.  Purchasing one little tool like a proper tire gauge and making a habit out of using it can save you hundreds of dollars if not a grand when it comes to tire life.

Here are my rules of thumb when it comes to tire pressure-

  • Check em when they are cold.  That means if you are out riding and stop to check em, grab a tasty beverage, and let the bike sit for about 20 minutes.
  • Check em once a week or when the thought pops into your head.
Here is a great article on the subject from Rideapart.

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