Thursday, May 26, 2016

Product Review- Daytona Helmets Slim Line Skull Cap DOT

For several years I had been wearing my GMAX65 helmet.  I liked the pull down visor, but what I did not like was that the thin helmet liner would flop around every time I took it on and off.  We are all in search of the elusive helmet that offers protection, but does not give you the dreaded Mushroom Head.

The problem is that anything capable of protecting your skull at all is going to have to have a little bulk to it.  It is a balance of good looks and protection.  Well at 6'2 300 lbs, with a BFH (Big Fat Head), I am incapable of good looks, but I did want a helmet that did as little as possible to enhance the spectacle that I am.

As the TCB name implies, I am cheap, an obsessive researcher, and review reader, not wanting to waste my money.  Selecting the Daytona Helmets Slim Line Skull Cap DOT was no different.  When I decided to pull the trigger, I did it on Amazon.  See, I like Amazon a lot.  I know what I want, they usually have it, and I don't have to talk to anyone face to face to get what I want.  The BBT (Big Brown Truck) shows up and I get my stuff.

Following the sizing chart from the Daytona website showed me that I was right about the limit for the XL.  My intuition said to get the XXL, but my GMAX65 was a little too loose and I hated it.  So, in two days I had my new helmet.  Right out of the box the sleek design excited me (it's the little things, right?).  Then I tried it on.  No go.  BFH strikes again.  No big deal.  I figured I would just exchange it for a XXL.  But for some reason Amazon does not carry the XXL, even though Daytona makes it.  So, I just googled a bit until I found it for a comparable place somewhere else that offered three day shipping.  I have to admit that I forget the name of the place, but I had it in a few days.

So, here is the heart of the review.  The MSRP on the helmet is $61.95.  I paid between $46-$48 both places.  Having been spoiled as an Amazon Prime Member for the last few years, I am addicted to free shipping and 2 day delivery. Because of this, I am apt to do more business with a company that offers free shipping, or that their lower price on something plus their shipping equals the other guys.

Several of the Amazon Reviews I read complained about there not being anything to retain the slack in the chin strap once it was on.  This caused it to slap them in the face.  I found this to be true when I picked the helmet up from my Post Office, I was on the bike and decided to try it out right away.  Yep, they were right.  It is painful, especially at around 30 degrees.  This is an oversight by Daytona that is a pretty big issue since a helmet has to do three things:  be comfortable, look good, and protect your head.  If it fails to be comfortable, the other two don't matter.  But even when the first one arrived, I had a quick fix in mind.

I took one of Momma's and the girl's hair elastics and cut it open.  Then I burnt the ends and tied it in a square knot and melted the knot a little so it would not come undone.  Fixed.  Maybe I should patent that or Daytona will pay me for the idea.

Comfy Couch
Comfort- here is the best way to describe the difference in comfort between the GMAX and the Daytona Skull Cap.  One was like sitting on one of those cheap ass stackable outdoor chairs that I always seem to break.  The other was like sitting on a nice, fat, comfy couch.

Hair elastic
Adjustment- for some reason some people order something that is adjustable and complain that it did not fit right out of the box.  The Amazon reviews had some of this in it too.  There are major adjustments and there are micro adjustments.  If it is something you wear once in a while or something you don't really need to move around in, a major adjustment might do. For something like a helmet, you need to make micro adjustments until it is as close to perfect as possible for you.  Changing the size of the helmet was a major adjustment.  Adjusting the straps on a helmet is a micro adjustment.  Don't bitch unless there is no
more room for adjustment.  That is the case with this helmet.  I was lucky.  It took me two micro adjustments until it was perfect and has not been fiddled with again.  I had the typical two d-ring style adjustment.  A cool feature though is a little tab on the outermost d-ring that you pull on to loosen your helmet or take it off instead of trying to get your fingers in there.  You can even do this with gloves on.

Appearance- I like the looks of it better than the GMAX65.  It does seem a bit smaller to me.  Take a look at the pictures and decide for yourself.  Try to ignore my stunning face.

Notes- I am crazy about protecting my eyes and hands.  Without the shield of the Gmax, I wanted something over my RX glasses that I always wear.  After looking around at goggles with shitty reviews going for lots of money, I settled on the Big Ben Over the Glasses Goggle for $20 and love them.  They make me look like a WWII dispatch rider...don't they?  I will be doing a review of them very soon as well.

Final thoughts- I love this helmet so much that I will be getting the same style for my wife and oldest daughter.  Since I try to ride year round without a windshield, I think I am going to limit this to a three season helmet.  But because of how happy I am with the quality and comfort of this model by Daytona, I think I might look at their modular helmets too.


  1. I wear the Daytona 3/4 Helmet. With my large head, there weren't too many options for me, and the price is right. For future reference George, Battlefield Leathers in Gettysburg (not affiliated with the Dealership) carries Daytona. I ordered mine through there.

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