Thursday, May 12, 2016

5 great gifts for the new motorcycle owner

Ah yes, besides actually riding, the best thing about motorcycles...the accessories.  Well maybe you just got your first bike, know someone who did, or are an old hat at this and want to make sure there is nothing you don't have. Either way, here is my personal list, nothing chrome or sexy, just stuff I would not want to be without.  

Motorcycle Jack-  Hopefully you know how to, or will learn how to change your own oil.  In the long run, this will save you tons of money.  Not to mention, it is damn near impossible to get your wheels clean without it.  Comes in handy whether you decide to wrench on your own bike or not.  Just remember to put your kickstand down before lowering...ask me how I know.

Battery Tender Jr-  There is nothing worse than getting all dolled up and ready to head out on a ride only to find out that your battery is dead.  This will both charge a dead battery as well as keep a charged one topped off.  A must in colder climates.

Battery Tender USB Charger-  Whether you're lost, listening to your favorite tunes, or just checking in with Momma, you need your cell phone.  This little beauty is about the size of a pack of gum and weighs nothing.  Along with any USB cable, it allows you to charge your phone whether the bike is running or not.

MSR Fuel Bottle-  it's not much, but with a motorcycle you don't need much to get you to the next filling station.  I have to admit that because of owning a bike without a fuel gauge I have run out of gas a few times myself and this was a lifesaver.  Also, gifted the contents to another rider during a charity ride.

Swagman Cup Holder-  Now when it comes to cup holders for motorcycles, you can spend a lot of money to....hold a cup.  I know it says it is for a bicycle, but it works great on a motorcycle.  In my opinion, this is the best bang for the buck.  I have mine mounted on my crash bar, but you can put it on your handlebar too.

With the above list, you are armed with gift ideas for the new or old biker in your life, or even maybe treat yourself.

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