Tuesday, May 24, 2016

FN cool story- Baa Baa Black Sheep

You might have already noticed that my tastes, like most of yours are eclectic, but we all like cool stories.  So this will be the first post in our FN cool story category. 

Yesterday I was at the shop and started chewing the fat with a fella.  He saw some of the patches on my vest and we began to talk about our military service.  I was in the Army and he was in the Air Force.  I went on to say that my oldest daughter Elizabeth had just enlisted in the Navy as an Air Traffic Controller, and that she would be the fourth generation in a row to serve.  He says, "I gotta show you something."  I got scared, but a little flattered for a minute.  He takes out his phone and shows me a picture of a guy standing in front of a P51 Mustang.  He says, "That's my Grandfather.  He was one of 11 flying Sergeants in the Black Sheep Squadron.  My grandmother was a Navy Nurse.  He got shot down and she was his nurse.  That is how they met."

Now I ask you my friends, is that an FN cool story or what?

If you have an FN cool story you want to share, just e-mail it to me and I will post it as you send it with no editing.  So it is best to do what I do, let Momma take a look.  Unless of course it is about her.

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