Tuesday, May 17, 2016

10 things you should know before attending Rolling Thunder XXIX

Whether you are attending Rolling Thunder for the first time or for the 10th time, we hope the following information makes your experience as memorable as possible.

  1. Be prepared- You well never be prouder of being an American, a biker, and for 7% a Veteran.  You might find your eyes beginning to leak.
  2. Be respectful- This is not a parade or rally, it is a demonstration to the government that as Citizens we will accept no less than a full accounting of our POWs and MIAs.  Reckless and or intoxicated driving will not be tolerated by others or the police.  We police ourselves, no burnouts, no racing, etc.  Doing so will get you the same response as being disrespectful at a funeral.
  3. Bring cash-Few, if any, vendors take cards.  Get your cash before hand to avoid exorbitant ATM fees (remember it's DC).  Don't worry about getting robbed, it is probably the safest you can be.
  4. Thunder Alley- From Friday evening until Sunday afternoon vendors selling every patch, sticker, and other biker accessories will be set up at 22/23 st @ Constitution Ave.  This is called Thunder Alley.
  5. Food-There are food vendors both in Thunder Alley as well as at the Pentagon on Sunday.  The food is pretty pricey.  Consider bringing some high energy snacks, such as nuts and beef jerky.  Work up an appetite to eat at one of the amazing restaurants in DC and surrounding areas.
  6. Drink plenty of water- Hydrate before hand and keep drinking.  Consider bringing your own water bottle to fill at one of DC's many water fountains. The Christian Motorcyclists Association blesses the crowd at the Pentagon with fresh water before the ride.  Taking a few Rolaids in the morning will help you stay hydrated.
  7. Arrive early- Line up begins on Sunday at 7 AM, but even by that time you will find huge lines of bikes waiting to get in.  If your bike does not do well in the heat, you should try to get up front.  The front moves faster and has less idling time.
  8. Upon arrival-  to the Pentagon be respectful and listen to the directions of the safety officers.  They will tell you where to go.
  9. Wear your walking boots-  even if you just come to the Pentagon for the ride, you will be there for a minimum of 5 hours.  The parking lot is huge. Wear footwear that is comfortable, not just looks good.
  10. Protect yourself from the sun-Shade on the Pentagon parking lot is a rare commodity.  Be sure to use sunscreen and bring a hat.
I would like to thank Diane Malanga, Secretary of Rolling Thunder Chapter 3 NJ for these suggestions.

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